Dream Beach is the most popular stretch of sand on the island of Nusa Lembongan. The small bay is enclosed by cliffs on either side and the crystal clear water exposes a nice reef below the surface. Bars and hotels line the beach in what has become a very touristy location. However, it is still worth visiting Dream Beach on Nusa Lembongan, especially with the tips inside this blog post.

When you arrive at the car park at Dream Beach you may be a little put-off. Buses full of tourists are coming and going all day. Unfortunately, the beach can often be quite crowded. However, most of the tourists don’t even go down to the beach. Instead, they line up in the same spot on the cliff and take one photo each before moving across to Devil’s Tears, which is another popular tourist attraction nearby.

So how do you enjoy Dream Beach even now that it has become a bit of a tourist hotspot?

  • Arrive early in the morning. Tourists generally don’t get out and about until after their hotel breakfast. Before 10 am this beach is much quieter you can explore the bay at your leisure.
  • Venture down the side of the bay. There is one spot that all the tourists seem to love. the part of the coastline in between Devil’s Tears and Dream Beach is a cool little area to explore. Venture along the coast for a couple of minutes and you will find lots of awesome little rocky outcrops for chills and for photos. We even discovered a few spots with deep water below and managed to get some cliff jumping in!
  • Explore the caves near the shore. Along the left-hand side of the bay are some cool little caves worth exploring.
  • After enjoying the beach there is a nice bar that overlooks the beach. The drinks are pricey but for the view, it’s worth ordering a beer and kicking back to enjoy Dream Beach for what it is.