Offering panorama views of the coast line and some of the craziest waves we’ve ever seen, Devil’s Tears is definitely one of the coolest spots on Lembongan island.

An impressive show of Mother Nature’s power, it reminded us why you don’t want to mess with her! After the crash if the waves against the rocks, you see a huge spray and then what looks like dozens of mini waterfalls cascading down back into the water.

The water is a beautiful colour of blue and a spectacular natural sight for both tourist and photographers alike.

There are a few snack huts and water spots available to top up your energy, or if you arrive early like us, grab some breakfast.

But be warned guys, don’t stand too close to the edge as it can be very dangerous. It sounds crazy – but when we were there we saw a tourist get knocked clean off her feet by a huge wave crashing over the edge!

There’s also a natural infinity pool around the corner from the main tourist attraction that is also worth taking a look at. Or if you want to freshen up, you can get in your swimmers and have a dip. Be sure to watch out for the low tide though!